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Time  When there were no watches to see the time, people had time; Now we have watches but we no Time'. This line so simple but yet so true. It is said that Time Speaks, but hardly anyone understands what time speaks. Well, it speaks the truth Truth which we at times forget to say. But it is also a fact that truth always subsides the untruth at certain times.

Hence, the only thing we can do is wait for the right time.

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People in Metros and Cosmos, don't wait for time; they eventually run after time. How important is this time or what role does the word ' Time' play in our daily life? In layman words 'Time' means - a prescribed or allotted period for any work. In reality time prescribes not the work alloted but the mind and soul of the people. Watch is worn on the wrist to modulate us with the time factor, but in reality it rules over the entire human system. We eat on time, we sleep on time, we talk within limited time, we run with time

 how influencing is this 'time'? The running race with time and us starts from the day we open our eyes with the first light of the sun. With every movements of the sun and the rays falling on us , the movement of the time becomes prominent. Time gives us the chance to repay our deeds and it also takes away the opportunity to deal with if lingered too much. It is hard to understand whether Time is our best friend or the worst enemy.

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Time took its birth in the 16th century. Baptized as 'Watch' from portable spring driven clocks, and the credit for its being on this earth as the most powerful and eminent figure goes to a clockmaker Peter Henlein. The invention of a 'mainspring' in 1511 brought a revolutionary change in the entire outset design of the watch.

The first pattern that brought in the innovative style of watch was the 'Clock-watches', after that came the most aristocratic design for the bureaucrats the 'Pocket-watches' in the year 1600-1657. With this turn over in the pattern of watches came things such as; 1657-1765 The balance spring, 1765-1800 Temperature compensation and chronometers, 1800-1850 Lever escapement, 1850-1900 Mass production etc.

 The popularity of wrist watches developed with the concept brought forward Constant Girard (Girard-Perregaux) in the year 1880. The wrist watches in the beginning adorned the wrist of the ladies. This started a revolution in the design, pattern and formation of wrist watches - 1904, Brazilian aviator Alberto Santos Dumont; 1911, Louis Cartier; and so on.

 The start with one has no ending motion till date, as every year something new and improvised, technologically advanced watches comes up to make us crave for them. comes up with this beautiful and mind-blowing design watches both for men and women. A huge assortment of watches with all the branded name comes in reasonable price just for you.

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